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Spring And Summer Book
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                                                        Chocolates By Imagination
Spring and Summer  
Sonia Nance has taken the mystery out of making delicious and beautiful chocolate confection like the professionals. As a chocolatier for thirty years, she has put together her favorite recipes with the home chocolate enthusiast in mind. Fun elegant ideas, with easy to follow instructions, and a photograph with each recipe, give the beginner as well as the experienced chocolatier the tools for success. 
     Book price $20.00 


Below you will find a photograph of each recipe in the 

Spring and Summer Cookbook. 

We designed this website to help you be successful with all of the recipes in Sonia's books.  

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Chapter 1, Spring
Chapter 2, Mother's Day
Chapter 3, Easter
Chapter 4, Wedding/Baby
Chapter 5, Summer
Chapter 6, Dips and Treats